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Why Bulgaria is attractive for travelers?

The beautiful Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, and highly recommended for travelers on a budget. One of favorite backpacking destinations in the continent, travelers can explore the country in just a few hundred dollars. Backpacking through Bulgaria can be a wonderful experience, where tourists get a chance to meet new people and explore new cultures.

Even tourists with kids can do backpacking. Yes, it may be difficult, and the trip can be extra hard and strenuous for both parents and the kids – but it is often a great learning experience. Tourists can just rent a car from Sofia airport and explore the country at their own pace.

The gorgeous countryside and charming culture of the Bulgaria has an exceptional pull among the offbeat tourists.

Here are some of the reasons why Bulgaria is attractive for travelers –

  1. Enchanting cities

The cities like Sofia and Plovdiv are steeped in history and natural beauty. Especially the country capital, Sofia, has an eastern European soul and a modern Western European body. Some of the main attractions of the city Roman ruins of Serdika or gold-domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are surrounded by exhibits of the modern civilization. Overall, exploring the Bulgarian cities can be a memorable experience.

  1. Countryside of Bulgaria

When driving through the countryside of Koprivshtitsa, most travelers agree to the fact that little has changed in Bulgaria. The township is still preserving its mid-19th centuryrenaissance architecture of Bulgaria.

While the cities are slowly adapting to the modern ways of life, the county side is still preserving its beauty and charm. Driving through the countryside of Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities of Europe, the view can be truly mesmerizing. Plovdiv is also famous for its Roman archeological ruins located close to the city center. Another popular attraction of the city is the famous Old Town area, which is carefully being preserved, home to numerous galleries and heritage museums.

  1. Cultural festivals

The culture and heritage of Bulgaria is fascinating. One of the popular festivals of the country, the Rose Festival, held at the Rose Valley close to Kazanlak an experience for tourists. Bulgaria being one of the leading producers of roses in the world, the festival is organized to honor the industry and its labors.

Several events are held throughout the festival including cultural functions, rose picking events, and picking the rose queen.Locals wear their traditional costumes and enjoy the local cuisines made for the day.

Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and highly recommended for a road trip. You can rent a car Plovdiv or Sofia and head to the Bulgarian countryside for an enjoyable holiday. Val & Kar (http://www.val-kar.com/en/) can help you in fixing the car for the trip. Just call them at 3598-786-66944 to know more.

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Two things not to do when renting a car

While car rentals have become a common practice among European and American travelers, many tourists are unaware of the entire renting process. Many travelers make some common and easily avoidable mistakes. 

The car rentals Sofia agency explains two things you should never do while renting a car: 

  1. Potential upgrades 

As a thumb rule, go for renting a low-priced car for the trip. While picking up the car, inquire about the possible upgrades at the front desk. During the busy season, when the agency is running low on affordable vehicles, the front agent might offer you an affordable (almost free upgrade for the trip). 

  1. Repayment for fuel 

Many car rental agencies offer prepaid fuel charges for the convenience of travelers. It saves a considerable amount of time for the passengers heading for early morning or late-night flights. For a passenger who is sure about returning the car with an empty tank or have an early flight to catch, this facility is recommended.

Among the other things, Val & Kar (the agency handling car hire from Sofia airportrecommends renting and returning the car after complete inspection. It prevents complications and future claims for damages. To know more, or to book a car for a Bulgaria trip, you can visit http://www.val-kar.com/en/ or call 3598-786-66944.

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Everything to know about Plovdiv during a road trip

Plovdiv is a beautiful Bulgarian city, well-known for its stunning and luxurious 19th-century monument. Being the co-European Capital of Culture in 2019, along with Italian city Matera, Plovdiv is home to classic operas and sunshine. 

Just one hour forty minutes-drive from Sofia, you can rent a car from Plovdiv for a day trip. This beautiful Bulgarian metropolis engulfs seven hills within its borders, is one of the oldest inhabited cities of Europe. Once a stop between Bulgaria and Turkey, the Plovdiv holds a special place for travellers and explorers. 

Travelling at Plovdiv 

The city has so much to offer travellers can explore the city for the entire day yet there would remain some part of Plovdiv yet unexplored. To make your travel experience worthwhile, veteran explorers suggest renting a car to explore the city. Several car rentals agencies can help you in arranging the transit and exploring the city. 

One more pro-tip, try to get a City Card. It gives you free access to some of the popular landmarks of the city including the museums, cultural sites, and galleries. This card makes you eligible for discounts at a few popular restaurants and diners at Plovdiv. 

Additionally, learn some of the local phrases that help you to communicate within the city. That’s a preferable way to explore the city, and you get to experience the local culture a bit more upfront. 

Are you planning on visiting Plovdiv? Then, rent a car Plovdiv from Val & Kar and explore this beautiful city. For more information, click on http://www.val-kar.com/en/ or call 3598-786-66944

6 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Explore every nook and corner of Bulgaria
1) Sofia
2) Plovdiv
3) Varna
4) Rila Monastery
5) Veliko Tarnovo
6) Sunny Beach

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