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6 Advantage Of Renting A Car in Bulgaria

6 Advantage Of Renting A Car in Bulgaria_Val Kar

Choose the car of your choice within your budget and travel requirements.

4 Reasons to get Car Hire from Sofia Airport

Are you planning to rent a car for your vacation? It’s important to know what to check for when renting a car and also learn how to save money on that rental car with some easy tips. While some people still believe using public transport is one of the ideal options when traveling to a new place, there are many who want to get their own vehicle for the number of days they are being there.

4 Reasons to get Car Hire from Sofia Airport_val kar

While we cannot deny how some rental services might have caused some serious risks in the there are some ways you can tip the scales in favor of renting a car. For instance, if you go for car hire from Sofia airport, you can always have the freedom to move around the city and the adjoining areas as and when required. This is definitely one of the biggest advantages given how public transport limits your way of traveling.

  • Free member programs with plenty of perks

Rental agencies have talked about the trick of the trade. For instance, the rental agency member programs are free to join and those who are a member can enjoin plenty of benefits. It doesn’t require a credit check, and one can start accruing benefits pretty much immediately after joining. Apart from the free upgrades/rentals, most of the member programs allow to bypass the counter; this basically means a big save in time as you don’t need to waste your time waiting in the line. As the goal of most rental companies who have these programs is to get members under their umbrella, you automatically get noted as a privileged member and its benefits. One of the most underlined benefit is you get the top notch vehicles and even the newer models.

  • Book as far in advance as possible

The earlier you book, the better are the benefits, at least the price. If you get to have a car hire from Sofia airport the moment you reach and get it scheduled for far distances, the price will be comparatively cheaper than if you have to book a car on the specific day of the journey.

  • Keep drivers to a minimum

Whether you’re going on a getaway with some friends or on a family vacation, it is always a better option to drive on your own. Even if you get chauffeurs, they will help you drive through the place and let you explore the places which is difficult other to do while on public transport.

  • Car insurance

Clients can get insurance on the rental car from the agency. But typically, the rental agencies have the papers in place for the insurance. So, there is one less thing to worry about. All you need to do is give back your car in the same condition as you rented it and in case there is any issue, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance.

There are reputed agencies in Bulgaria that have car rental options. All of these agencies have websites who typically pull from the same rate tables. So, if you have planned for a travel, book in early to avoid the last minute price surge and also get the top models of the vehicles.

6 Reasons Why Car Rental are Popular

Car rentals in Sofia have become a child’s play these days as tourists can hire the vehicles from the service provider’s website. But there are a number of reasons why the car hiring services are getting popular and preferred by more number of people. Let’s have a look

6 Reasons Why Car Rental are Popular_val kar

  • Suitable for group travels

One of the most significant benefits that people can enjoy when they use a rented car is they can easily travel as a group. So if you are traveling from the airport with your peers, getting a vehicle that can accommodate all your folks will be helpful than getting separate cabs for them. Additionally, even if people are reaching on different times to the airport, there will be no hassle waiting for each of them to pick up which is certainly not possible with the public taxis and cabs.

  • Quality of travel

When someone arrives at the airport, the car rental offices can be easily spotted at the terminal. When you choose car rentals in Sofia, there are plenty of budget cost companies located outside the airport, who can arrange for the most comfortable car transfers not just to the hotel but to the other places as well. This is particularly helpful for tourists who come to the place for the first time and with the public bus or taxi transport, it is not what they would be glad about at the very start of the trip.

  • Saves money in the long run

People not only enjoy traveling together when they are in a group but as an individual as well a rented car helps to save money big time if you can actually take the complete advantage of their services. Rather than everyone putting fuel in their vehicles, only one car or van will be enough for the trip depending on the size of the group. As understood, this will, save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

  • Finding new model riding experience

This is one of the most amazing advantages when using car rental services as it allows the person to ride or drive the latest models of cars. Most of the leading car rental companies have the latest cars available with them and ensures that the customers should have reliable and safe vehicles for their drive. They also maintain the quality of these cars along with maintaining the insurance papers as required.

  • Reduces wear and tear

Getting the car rentals in Sofia is one of the easiest ways to reduce the wear and tear of your own vehicle. There is a general misconception that people only rent car when they travel to a foreign country but in reality if you want to enjoy some interesting road trips right from the moment you step out from the airport, it is one of the perfect options.

  • Peace of Mind

When one rents a vehicle, they can peacefully enjoy the trip for two main reasons. Firstly, they are well maintained and serviced which means you don’t have to bother about getting the car filled and checked before traveling. Next, the rental providers will have the insurance paper to help you in case of any discrepancy. It is a bit tricky with your own car if you have to get the papers done for every destination you go to.

Why will you rent a car from Plovdiv airport?

Car rental is the first thing that most of the travelers want to consider when planning their vacation. Car rental provides myriad advantages to the renters. The advantages of renting a car are the following ones:Car rental is the first thing that most of the travelers want to consider when planning their vacation. Car rental provides myriad advantages to the renters. The advantages of renting a car are the following ones:

  •  Get rid of the trouble of waiting for public transport
  •  Don’t need to share the car with others
  •  Visit the places that you like
  •  Protect your own car from damages
  •  It is affordable
  •  Different payment methods
  •  Special discounts for long term rental
  •  No limit on mileage

Bulgaria is a European city that is the one-stop destination for the ones who wants to be familiar with European culture and tradition. There are several cities to visit but if you wanted to visit the largest cities, Sofia is the first option and Plovdiv is the second one.

rent a car Plovdiv Airport


While Sofia represents the essence of Bulgaria, Plovdiv has so many things to offer, starting from trendy restaurants, bars, cafes, Bulgarian houses and many more. And to have a look at all of these things within the short time of your journey, go for a car rental in Plovdiv Airport.

The places where you can visit are:

The Old Town

Even if you are visiting the city for one day, simply take a walk in the Old Town. It is a town inside a city with cobbled streets and retro houses that feels just like an open air museum.

Nebet Tepe Hill

Your walk in the old town of Plovdiv will most likely finish on Nebet Tepe Hill. The location contains many archeological layers and the oldest is from Bronze age.

The Roman Amphitheater

The Roman Theater is one of the most interesting locations to visit. Nowadays, it is used for various performances during the summer months. Rent a car from Plovdiv Airport to visit all the interesting places of the land.

Central Garden of Plovdiv 

This beautiful garden will give you the feeling you are in a small town surrounded by singing birds, green trees and blooming flowers.

There are several car rental agencies that offer car rental at reasonable prices. Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is a company that for almost 20 years is serving in this field. They offer different types of cars. Would you like to rent any of them? Call them at 070019002 or visit

За Великден в България

За Великден в столицата на България пристигат множество чуждестранни гости. Българските църкви и особено катедралният храм „Александър Невски“ привличат множество православни християни за празниците. Така е и тази година.Мария пристига от Гърция. Избрала е да лети от Атина до София, за да присъства на всичките църковни служби по време на Страстната седмица. През останалото време ще разглежда забележителностите на българската столица.Това й намерение я кара да потърси възможност за ползване на кола под наем, което да я улесни през целия престой в България. С голяма изненада Мария установи, че над дведесет компании предлагат услугата рент а кар от летище София. Някои от тях са представителства на международни компании, които тя вече е ползвала, но повечето са български и предлагат много добри цени. Сайтовете на рент а кар фирмите са много добре организирани и имат необходимата изчерпателна информация. Повечето от тях вече имат и фейсбук страници, което в още по-голяма степен улеснява комуникацията с евентуалните клиенти.Мария направисвоята резервация по електронен път още от Атина и остана много доволна.


По време на подготовката си за пристигане в България Мария е разговаряла с доста хора, които познават страната, нравите и нивото на услугите тук. Именно те са й помогнали да се ориентира сред многото  компании, които предлагат коли под наем в София и по-конкретно коли под наем от летище София.Мнението на найните приятели напълно съответства и на мнението, което Мария е добила за избраната от нея компания Договорените услови чрез електронна кореспонденция не са се разминали с действителността и Мария е останала много доволна от наетата кола под наем от летище София.Служителите на Вал и Кар РЕНТ А КАР са й направили много приятно впечатление с начина на обслужване и точността. Използването на кола под наем е дало възможност на Марияда разполага с повече време за разглеждане на столицата на България и да изпита максимално удоволствие от великденската си ваканция. Тя е категорична, че ще препоръча на своите приятели, ако пътуват до България, задължително да наемат кола под наем в София и да се доверят на компанията, за да получат качествено обслужване.

С кола под наем на СПА

p_05_2Живеете в Хасково, нямате кола, а искате да посетите Минерални бани – един от най-известните балнеоложки курорти в България, който е съвсем близо до вашия град. Няма нищо по-лесно от това. Просто трябва да наемете кола под наем и да си доставите това истинско удоволствие. Община Минерални бани е разположена само на 18 км от областния център – Хасково, в северните части на Родопа планина. Селището носи славата си на балнеоложки курорт още от римсковреме, когато всичките четиринадесет на брой топли извори са привличали хората с целебния си ефект. Още оттогава, та до днес,продължава да се носи славата на минералната вода и нейното чудодейно въздействие за здравето на хората. Днес Минерални бани се посещават от множество туристи както от цяла България, така и от чужбина. И, за да не се отказвате от идеята си, просто  влезте в интернет и потърсете компании, които предлагат услугата рент а кар на територията на област Хасково.


Интернет ще ви даде пълна информация за фирмите, които са в бранша. Хубаво би било да разполагате и с отзиви на хора, които са ползвали вече услугата. Моите проучвания и резултати от личен опит показаха, че една от компаниите с най-голям авторитет е .  Използването на коли под наем в Хасково от тази компания гарантира добро обслужване, добър автомобилен парк и добри цени за услугата.

opel_insignia_wallpaper_2-otherПредставителството на един от големите играчи, даващи коли под наем в Хасково, като Вал и Кар РЕНТ А КАР е с утвърден имидж и много хора се възползват от възможността да си осигурят автомобил за различните пътувания, свързани с бизнес дела или с ваканция и уикенд почивки. След като имате тази информация за компанията за локи под наем от Хасково ,от която може да наемете коли под наем в Хасково, не ви остава нищо друго освен да се обадите и да си ангажирате автомобил. Това ще гарантира вашата СПА почивка, ще се насладите на чудодейната минерална вода, ще се радвате на красотата на Родопа планина и ще се заредите с позитивна енергия и много впечатления.

Explore the vibrant capital of Bulgaria with a rented car

header_pic3.jpgA vacation revitalizes your tired soul and motivates to participate in your daily activities enthusiastically. If you are planning a vacation to Bulgaria then rent a car today. Are you thinking why to rent a car?

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the advantages you get if you rent a car Sofia airport

  • First and foremost, hiring a car is going to keep you away from the trouble of waiting for the cab, or looking for the right bus. If you hire the services of a rental car then you are going to witness convenience right from the time that you land at the airport. The car is going to be waiting for you at the airport so that when you arrive you have transportation ready.
  • Car hire services will not prove to be expensive if you stroke a good deal with them. You may think that getting a cab or taking a bus to different places is a cheap way of travelling around the capital city of Bulgaria. However, it will not be if you have to go to a dozen of places. If you add all the car fare together, you are going to find that it is either going to cost you the same or more.
  • Convenience is one of the biggest advantages that hiring a car service has. If you are traveling with your parents or your kids, then it is more convenient to travel in a car that is either chauffer driven or driven by you. This way you can control the speed and kind of be your own boss. Some of the cab drivers are very rigid about turning on the air conditioner or sometimes they do not shut off the horrible loud music that is playing in their car.p_04_3
  • You get to save a lot of time when you have your own car to travel in. Waiting for a bus or a car on the right route can waste useful hours of your time. If you really want to explore the new places, then rent a car Sofia airport from a reputable agency online and ensure a safe journey.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria provides different type of cars for rental. To rent any of the cars, call them at 070019002 or check them at