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Car Rental Services Getting Popular in Bulgaria

Sofia airport is the main international airport of Bulgaria and sees he footfall of millions of passengers commuting all through the year. Travelers of every genre – business to leisure visit the place. And the finest way to start the trip to the country is possible if you have a personal vehicle that can help you go to any place you want.

Car Rental Services Getting Popular in Bulgaria_val kar

There are various agencies for car rental in Sofia airport. The paramount advantage of getting a car rental service is that it’s more economical than any other services. Hiring the cabs for every to and from journey is an expensive affair. Additionally, what is often overlooked how the hired cars help you travel with your peers all together. If you have a big group, there are hardly any cabs available at the moment in the airport which can fit all the people of your group. And what’s the fun if you can’t ravel together?

val kar

Another thing, which is not always wondered upon before reaching a particular place is are you completely aware of the taxi or the bus stands in a foreign location?  Explore, improvise and enjoy your time with full freedom if you get a rented car. Whether you need a trained chauffeur or want to drive on your own, the rental agencies will have it for you. The agencies of car rental from Sofia Airport will have a huge collection of vehicles in their breed and you can choose which one to drive.

The chauffeur can help you see the nearby tourist destinations on their own, and thus you save on hiring a local guide. Basically, you get a high quality life and enjoy a new city completely hassle-free?

Ensuring the finest car rental services, VAL & KAR Rent A Car Bulgaria has been a reputed name in the business since 1997. With around twenty years of experience in the car rental services, they make sure to provide the travelers with the finest rental services. They have trained drivers who speak in Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Spanish, English, and Italian. To know more about their services, visit http://www.val-kar.com/en/ today!

Unexplored Treasures in Sofia 😯 😱

unexplored treasures in sofia_val kar

The capital of Sofia rocks – in every sense of the word. Apart from the affordable living and smart and sleek streetart that’s everywhere around, Sofia exhibits several interesting places to visit within the city and nearby. There are many spots which only a local resident can take you around, and hence we suggest rent a car at Sofia airport to have a smooth and hassle-free stay.

Do you know that Sofia carries a history and heritage that is 2000 years old? Here are some of the spots that display Sofia’s beauty to the fullest:

boyana church_val kar

  • Boyana Church: Located on the outskirts of Sofia, Boyana Church is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

the russian church_val kar

  • The Russian Church: Located right at the centre of the city, one of the most remarkable buildings in Sofia is the Russian Church, famous for its magical power to make wishes come true.

rila monastery_val kar

  • Rila Monastery: A characteristic instance of the Bulgaria Renaissance, the monument signifies the awareness of a Slavic cultural identity following centuries of occupation.

church of st. george_val kar

  • Church of St. George: A centuries-old architectural treasure with preserved Medieval and religious art.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is a trusted source for car rentals in Sofia. Contact them on www.val-kar.com or call at 070019002 for booking your vehicle in advance.

4 Whys you Need a Car to Rent in Sofia

Moving around a new city in a private car with your loved ones is any day a better traveling option than going around in the public vehicle. Honestly, car renting is a child’s play these days as there is plethora of service providers which has all sorts from the budget automobile brands to the luxury automobile companies.

4 Whys you Need a Car to Rent in Sofia_val kar

So getting a car hire in Sofia for touristy or other purpose makes complete sense.

There are some compelling benefits one can enjoy when they choose to rent a car even when they have their own vehicle.

One of the biggest advantages of using a rental car compared to owning one’s own car is not being subjected to the depreciation losses. The financial responsibility of the person renting the vehicle is finished the moment they return the car to the agency. No matter where they stay, that is, whether they are from Sofia or has come to visit, getting a rented car in place of your own car has very many advantages which has made the business popular across the globe.

Let’s have a look.

  • No extra insurance is needed

If you get a car hire from Sofia airport, you do not have to worry about getting the permits and other paper works required for the commute. Similarly, when you are renting a vehicle you already get it with the auto insurance. You can check with the company through call to verify what is and is not covered in the insurance. Almost all car rental agencies will offer insurance coverage which can be paid as a part of the rental agreement. But that is still much cheaper than the entire car insurance you had to bear if it was your own car!

  • Car Maintenance Fees

On a similar line of thought as the above point, any car rental agency takes care of all maintenance in between clients, that is the consumer only need to worry about the gas being put in the vehicle and the rest are taken care of. So even if you are getting a car hire in Sofia for a longer period of time, the car rental agency will normally provide a timeframe to bring the car in for doing the required services. Or, they might even exchange it with another vehicle as and when required for their maintenance.

  • Variety of automobile types

A big advantage of renting a car is the agencies will provide range from small, economic hatchbacks to some of the largest SUVs. Irrespective of the specific needs of the customers, the rental agency will typically be able to help one find a vehicle which will best fit his or her desired need. Typically, the vehicles offered have automatic transmission but you can choose manual ones from the car rental agency’s fleet of vehicles.

  • Freedom to explore

Accept it or not, getting your own car is like subscribing to freedom from the strict public transport timings and scope of traveling. Having a car rented entirely for yourself in the abroad allows you to explore remote places more freely. Go to those strange mountain restaurants, hilltop landmarks and lesser known stunning waterfalls which otherwise would be harder to reach by bus or taxi. Additionally, you do not have to bother the strict timeline  and routine.

Explore the vibrant capital of Bulgaria with a rented car

header_pic3.jpgA vacation revitalizes your tired soul and motivates to participate in your daily activities enthusiastically. If you are planning a vacation to Bulgaria then rent a car today. Are you thinking why to rent a car?

Now, let’s take a peek at some of the advantages you get if you rent a car Sofia airport

  • First and foremost, hiring a car is going to keep you away from the trouble of waiting for the cab, or looking for the right bus. If you hire the services of a rental car then you are going to witness convenience right from the time that you land at the airport. The car is going to be waiting for you at the airport so that when you arrive you have transportation ready.
  • Car hire services will not prove to be expensive if you stroke a good deal with them. You may think that getting a cab or taking a bus to different places is a cheap way of travelling around the capital city of Bulgaria. However, it will not be if you have to go to a dozen of places. If you add all the car fare together, you are going to find that it is either going to cost you the same or more.
  • Convenience is one of the biggest advantages that hiring a car service has. If you are traveling with your parents or your kids, then it is more convenient to travel in a car that is either chauffer driven or driven by you. This way you can control the speed and kind of be your own boss. Some of the cab drivers are very rigid about turning on the air conditioner or sometimes they do not shut off the horrible loud music that is playing in their car.p_04_3
  • You get to save a lot of time when you have your own car to travel in. Waiting for a bus or a car on the right route can waste useful hours of your time. If you really want to explore the new places, then rent a car Sofia airport from a reputable agency online and ensure a safe journey.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria provides different type of cars for rental. To rent any of the cars, call them at 070019002 or check them at http://www.val-kar.com/en/.

Experience a hazard-free journey with a rented car

cropped-header_pic1.jpgVacation not only makes you stress-free but also revitalizes your stressed muscles. And if the place is Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria then your happiness has no bounds. Why not rent a car to visit the top known places within a short span of time.

Renting a car during your vacation would be profitable for you, only when you rent it from a reputable agency. Luxury rental cars provide you myriad advantages to a renter. You can go through the online sites to know about how to rent a car in Veliko Tarnovo? If you do not have any prior experience of renting a car then rent it at least for once for the following reasons:

Safety: Safety is the first thing that you need to consider while renting a car. Although most of the customers are obsessed with safety, they commit a mistake by not mentioning the features that can provide a higher degree of safety. Things like a door for an east entry and exit, high-end braking system are very important. You must take care of the thing before renting.

Comfort: The thing that you should not forget to consider is the comfort level in the car. For instance, all of the rental cars do not provide equipment like seats for elderly people or baby seats. You need to ask about this so that you get it easily. You might also inquire about the air conditioner, music system or other equipment that you want in the car. By sharing your requirement, you can make it clear to the professionals that the equipment should be there in the car.

Price: The most important thing that you need to ask the professionals is the price of the car. Generally, the price depends on the type of the car. The agencies ask for a high price for the luxurious cars while the price is reasonable in the case of regular cars. There is a certain mileage that you cover with the car, if you go beyond it, you need to pay extra. Some of the agencies offer special discounts to the regular customers while some others provide 5% discount while pre-booking online.

Insurance policies: It needs to be taken care of, for preventing the harrowing situations and avoid paying a good amount towards accident or breakdown of the hired cars. In the case of massive damage, policies like personal insurance or collision damage would be helpful for you.

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria offers different types of vehicles for renting. If you want to explore the eccentric beauty of Bulgaria then rent a car today. You may avail discounts for pre-booking it. In order to know more about this, call them at 070019002 or check them at Val-kar.com.

Why to avail car rental service?


When you plan a vacation with your loved ones, you try to visit most of the places. And the best way to do so is with a car. You might not like to use your own car for this, as your car can be damaged at any time. And by renting a car, you can minimize the risks. If you are planning your vacation to Bulgaria then it is good to rent a car previously to secure a safe journey with your loved one.

By availing car rental service from Sofia airport, you are able to explore the history, tradition, and scenic beauty of the place. The car rental agencies guarantee you:

  • 24 hours road assistance and other travel assistance for Bulgaria

  • Convenient way to select a rental car

  • Diverse payments methods- based on customer preference

  • No extra charge for paying by debit or credit card

  • No limit on mileage

  • No charge for flight delays

  • No fee for rebooking

  • Serve the customers 24/7

  • Special discounts for long term rentals

  • 5% discount on daily rental price while pre-booking online

Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria offers all the advantages to the customers when they choose the agency for renting a car. They are successfully operating on the Bulgarian market for near about two decades. If you want to rent a car then check them at http://www.val-kar.com/en. In order to resolve your query, call them at 070019002.

What to consider while renting car?

cropped-p_05_21.jpgAre you tired of the mundane activities of your life? Do you want to say goodbye to the monotonous schedule of your daily life? Then choose a less explored place and pack your luggage and go for the vacation. You might choose Dimitrovgrad for this. However, wait a second. Have you rented a car for sightseeing? If not then no more waste a minute and rent a car today from a reputed agency?

If you have prior experience of renting a car then you might not have any issue while renting a car. But, if you are renting it for the first time, then you can face difficulty. You can the booking procedure hassle-free by keeping the points in mind:

Pre-book online:

You might not like to rent the car at the terminal. Lots of people are coming to Bulgaria every day, that means longer waits and more opportunities to things go wrong. Owing to demand and other causes, the rate might be higher at the airport. In order to minimize all the troubles, you can rent the car beforehand online. There are diverse agencies that provide discount while pre-booking the care online. Ensure discount by choosing them.

Pick up the phone:

In some of the times, the airport rental is not located at the airport. Reserving a car, not secure you a car. Car rental agencies are not exactly the picture of excellence in customer services. So, after reaching the airport, if you found that the car that you have rented is not there then go through the previous reviews of the customers, and then call the agency to ensure the fact that the car will be there when you need this.

Decide whether to buy insurance?

Would you buy the insurance or not? It is the ultimate question that will come to your mind when you will buy rent the car? If you have health insurance then you might not need to buy insurance for driving the car. On the other side, if you have limited liability insurance for your own car, then it I s better to buy the insurance while renting a car.


Before you rent a car Dimitrovgrad, you need to decide what kinds of car will be profitable for you. Once you decide all these things, choose an agency, Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria might be your choice for renting a car. They provide 5% discount while pre-booking online. In order to know more about this, call them at 070019002 or check them at val-kar.com.