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Ever Wondered Why Car Rentals are Popular?

Burgas Airport is the second largest airport in the country Bulgaria and is a major destination during the European summer leisure season. If you are traveling to the city for the first time, regardless of whether it is a touristy trip of a business vacation, rent a car from Burgas airport to help you travel freely all across the place.

Ever Wondered Why Car Rentals are Popular_val kar

Let’s accept it, this is the age to say goodbye to the inconvenience of flagging down a cab on the side of the road or may be waiting in the prepaid corners to get on time. There are a number of car rental agencies these days which have proved to be excellent in providing effective and punctual services.

Why taxis are no more preferred?

If you are planning to go from destination A to B abroad in a taxi, the costs can quickly mount up. The downside to hoping in a cab on holiday has forever looked like a tourist and it costs you. We all have probably in some point or the other fallen victim to being driven the long way around or even being charged twice as much for the same route as a local. But getting an auto rent in Burgas will not leave you with any such hassles. Also, ordering a taxi over the phone can be a annoying, given the various location and communication barriers. All these issues can be solved by renting a holiday car.

The other factors that make the car hiring experience popular are:

  • Saving the extra dollars
  • Freedom to explore
  • No worrying about the car’s maintenance
  • No need to pay for any extra insurance
  • Get to hire or ride any vehicle of your choice

Established in 1997, Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is one of the most trusted names in the field of car rental agencies in Bulgaria. Being an international destination, the chauffeurs are well versed in English, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Spanish and Italian. Trusted by most embassies in Sofia and also in the other European Governmental organizations, you can get to know about their services through http://www.val-kar.com/en. Dial 070019002 to know more about them.

Make a memorable trip with a rented car


Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria attracts thousands of people all over the year. The culture, heritage, scenic beauty, cuisine and the people of beauty is so rich and there are so many things to explore that you also like to visit the place in your vacation with your family members.

Traffic is Sofia is much lesser than other European capitals and driving around the city is a real pleasure plus an enormous time saver, allowing you to explore more locations in less time. And there are so many things to explore. One of Bulgaria’s major advantages is that costs are still very low compared to the rest of Europe that allows any business or leisure traveler to enjoy fancy restaurants, bars, and cafes at the fraction of the cost that they would pay anywhere else.

To visit all the places within a certain time, it is better to rent a car. Do you have a previous experience of renting a car? If you have then it is a great thing, if you do not have then also you can know about this with a little research. Are you going to rent the car? Wait a minute. You need to know every single thing minutely before hiring the car. Here are the certain things that you need to keep in mind and these are:

  • First, ask the agency what kinds of car they provide for renting. Most of the agencies provide both regular and exclusive car for renting. You can book the car based on your requirement.

  • Ask them about the rent of the car. It should not be too high. However, at the same time, try not to book the car that is available at a lower price. It is because, in some of the cases, they compromise with the quality of the service.

  • You should check the condition of the car before renting it. Because, if there is any damage to the car, the agency will ask for an extra charge from you.p_04_3

    Val and Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria provides a wide variety of cars in Bulgaria. If you are in Bulgaria and want to rent a car from Sofia airport then go through their site, familiar with their services and avail it. In order to know more about their services, call them at 070019002 or check them at http://www.val-kar.com/en/.

Explore the unexplored beauty of Burgas with a rented car

cropped-p_05_21.jpgThe daily activities of your daily routine make your life monotonous.  You might look for a way through which you can get a relief from the hustle and bustle for some days and invigorate yourself in the fresh zephyrs. And the right way is to visit some unknown and unseen places where you will find the opportunity to explore the unexplored beauty of nature.

Have you decided to visit Burgas, the second largest seaside city of the country? It is really a good idea. Though it was undervalued for several years, now, you are not able to underestimate the beauty of the city.  The places that you can explore in the city are the sea garden, beglik tash, ravadinovo castle, sunny beach, sozopol old town, ancient city of Nessebar and many more.

However, to explore the places according to your choice, you need to rent a vehicle. You might not like to use your own vehicle during the tour as there are chances that it might be damaged. If you are hiring the car fir the first time then you need to keep cretin things in mind and these are:

  • Limit additional drivers
  • Review the insurance policy of the car
  • Get educated on the travel policies
  • Fill up before returning
  • Bring your own accessories
  • Divining safety background might block you
  • Inspection is necessary
  • Avoid costly airport location
  • Beware of credit card blocks
  • Return on time

Besides, checking the above details, you can check out whether the agency is reputed or not. You can ask your friends or other acquaintances that have already enjoyed the services of the agency. Or you can go through the online sites and check the review of the previous customers about the services.  You should compare the quotation of different agencies and then decide whom to choose. Before renting the car, inspect it properly and return back in the same condition, otherwise, you might need to provide some additional charges to the agency.  If you are thinking whom to choose for this, you can go for Val and Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria for this. They provide a wide variety of cars to the customers. You can even avail offers from them.  If you want to know more about rent a car in Burgas airport or rent the car then call them at 070019002 or check them at http://www.val-kar.com/en/.

The valuable things to know before renting a vehicle

cropped-p_05_21.jpgAre you renting a car for your vacation? You need to make it sure what you need as well as how to save money on the rental car with these steps.

Renting a car for the vacation just makes sense. It saves your money which you might be spending on taxi rides, as well as keeps you from enjoying your trip on the schedule of public transportation. However, vehicle rental might be daunting for both the first timers as well as veteran travelers alike. Here are some things that you can keep in mind while picking up your car from a rental agency.

Renting a car is a breeze, however, make it sure that you use the credit card while picking up the wheels. You might use the debit card to your bank, but, some rental agencies check your credit score in order to make it sure that you can pay charges. In case, you use the credit card you do not need to worry about passing through a credit check. But, you must know that some of the car agencies will put a hold on some funds from the card till you are finished with the car. Do not use a prepaid credit card because some of the agencies do not accept it.

If you are a 23-year old and have a spotless driving record then also the rental agencies might not like to handle their cars. The agencies may ask for more extra payment for a renter like you who are under 25. In order to avoid this hassle, you can ask the rental agencies to make an arrangement for the driver to drive the car.

car keys

You might get insurance on your rental car from the company. The insurance at a car rental company is very high, and you can use it only when if you are exhausted with all the other options. Take a look at your personal car insurance that could cover rentals already. You must also provide your credit card company a call as many of them offer car rental insurance.

Take a look at the above points before you rent a car for your vacation or for the airport. The advantage of renting the car is that you do not need to wait for it for a long time as well as you can save your time and visit the places where you like to go without depending on others. Val and Kar Rent a Car Bulgaria offers diverse types of car for renting. They offer 5% discount on booking the car online. If you want to rent a car at Burgas airport then you can go through their online site at Val-kar.com or call them at 070019002.

Discovering Bulgaria with the help of incomparable car rental services

car keysI am a historian and I teach world history in my university. My profession has provided me with the opportunity to travel to many places in the world. My next destination was Bulgaria. I was excited as I was going to explore the ancient and the modern state at the same time. I had many questions about Bulgaria in my mind and those were about to be answered at long last. The different dynasties that ruled the country, how it transformed into a nation state, the Christianization of the country and the advent of modern Bulgaria all these issues enchanted me and now there was a chance to explore these things.

When these moments of excitement passed my colleagues advised me to arrange for transportation as it becomes very difficult to go about in an unknown country especially if anybody is planning to visit ancient monuments and structures. A reliable and local chauffeur can help a tourist to locate and experience these historical places.

When I landed in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria, I immediately booked cheap car hire Bulgaria and rented a car to satisfy my travel needs. Their customer service was excellent and extremely reliable and the rates were economical. They actually arranged for additional options of cars to choose from upon my request. As I was staying at Sofia they delivered the car free of cost. Also they provide service to all the major airport of the country. The most amazing part is that the reservation process s quick and smooth.One does not have to run around for reservation. I just went online and reserved my car. There is the option of phone and e-mail also available for reservation.


By availing the services of this particular service provider I visited and experienced several ancient creations of the city-

•    Scattering of onion domed churches
•    Ottoman mosques
•    Red army monuments topped with air punching Soviet soldiers
•    Museums, art galleries and theatres

Bulgaria was an exceptional experience which was definitely enhanced by the services provided by the rental car service providers.

Affordable car hire Varna Airport

h_2I am an avid traveler and absolutely obsessed with Bulgaria because of its history and also because of its location in Europe. Varna is one of the most attractive places in this particular country. It is also known as ‘The Sea Capital of Bulgaria’. It acts as the major port for naval as well as commercial shipping. The city hosts many attractive and prestigious cultural events. And these are the precise reasons why there is such large tourist traffic arriving at the city airport.

Rent a car Varna airport assists long distance travelers who wants to spend wisely on car renting services. They provide world class services that suit the budget of the clients. The services they provide from the airport are as follows-

  • Offer vans as well as cars both manual and automatic transmission.
  • There are SUVs, budget rental cars, coaches for several forms of transfers as well as business cars.
  • The vehicles are protected with insurance cover.

b_6Varna is a city which is surrounded by beautiful vineyard, gardens and groves and usually a traveler has a lot to see. It is also the city where the oldest gold treasure of the world was found near the port of Varna. So to explore so many interesting things a traveler needs the help of cheap car hire Varna. These car hiring companies operating in Bulgaria helps the traveler with a number of services and those are as follows-

  • Selecting different types of car ranging from luxury business cars to economical rental cars, vans and coaches.
  • A trip with guaranteed safety the well-trained company mechanics that regularly take care of the vehicles.
  • Providing visits to contemporary architecture and also the turn-of-the-century locations.

Rent a car services are must when it comes to visiting Varna as the company professionals have designed many services which fits the budget of the customers and also offers them hassle free trips.