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6 Advantage Of Renting A Car in Bulgaria

6 Advantage Of Renting A Car in Bulgaria_Val Kar

Choose the car of your choice within your budget and travel requirements.

Why will you rent a car from Plovdiv airport?

Car rental is the first thing that most of the travelers want to consider when planning their vacation. Car rental provides myriad advantages to the renters. The advantages of renting a car are the following ones:Car rental is the first thing that most of the travelers want to consider when planning their vacation. Car rental provides myriad advantages to the renters. The advantages of renting a car are the following ones:

  •  Get rid of the trouble of waiting for public transport
  •  Don’t need to share the car with others
  •  Visit the places that you like
  •  Protect your own car from damages
  •  It is affordable
  •  Different payment methods
  •  Special discounts for long term rental
  •  No limit on mileage

Bulgaria is a European city that is the one-stop destination for the ones who wants to be familiar with European culture and tradition. There are several cities to visit but if you wanted to visit the largest cities, Sofia is the first option and Plovdiv is the second one.

rent a car Plovdiv Airport


While Sofia represents the essence of Bulgaria, Plovdiv has so many things to offer, starting from trendy restaurants, bars, cafes, Bulgarian houses and many more. And to have a look at all of these things within the short time of your journey, go for a car rental in Plovdiv Airport.

The places where you can visit are:

The Old Town

Even if you are visiting the city for one day, simply take a walk in the Old Town. It is a town inside a city with cobbled streets and retro houses that feels just like an open air museum.

Nebet Tepe Hill

Your walk in the old town of Plovdiv will most likely finish on Nebet Tepe Hill. The location contains many archeological layers and the oldest is from Bronze age.

The Roman Amphitheater

The Roman Theater is one of the most interesting locations to visit. Nowadays, it is used for various performances during the summer months. Rent a car from Plovdiv Airport to visit all the interesting places of the land.

Central Garden of Plovdiv 

This beautiful garden will give you the feeling you are in a small town surrounded by singing birds, green trees and blooming flowers.

There are several car rental agencies that offer car rental at reasonable prices. Val & Kar Rent A Car Bulgaria is a company that for almost 20 years is serving in this field. They offer different types of cars. Would you like to rent any of them? Call them at 070019002 or visit http://www.val-kar.com/en/.

Make your trip enjoyable by renting a car


While you plan to go for a vacation or somewhere else, the very first question that arises in your mind is to make the arrangement of a car. It does not matter whether you have a car or not, you need to rent a car as most of you do not prefer to use their personal car during a vacation.

The most suitable option will be to rent a car. Are you thinking how to manage all these things? You do not need to worry. There are diverse agencies that provide cars of different sizes. You can choose any of this to rent a car for you and your family. You can either go through the online sites of the organization or book the car by visiting the agency. Do whatever is suitable for you.


Price is the main thing that you need to keep in mind while booking the car. The price of the car differs based on certain things and these are:

  • The rent of the vehicle can increase or decrease based on the size, segment or specialty. If you go for a regular car, the price will be less while it will increase in case of luxurious cars. If you want to make your journey comfortable as well as memorable then go for the luxurious ones.

  • The price also depends on the duration for which you are renting the car. The more the duration will be, the rent will decrease.

  • However, if you return the car to the agency after the time that you have mentioned in the bond then they might ask for a high price for per hour.


The facilities that the car rental companies provide are the following ones:

  • You can contact the professionals at any time. They are available 365/24/7.

  • The vehicles are fully insured.

  • You will get extra 5% discount if you book the car from the online site.

  • If you do not need the car then you can cancel it without any charge.

  • If you need special equipment, you can ask the professionals, they will arrange it effectively.


Val and kar Rent a Car Bulgaria is a reputed car rental agency. They rent the car of any size. If you want to know more about Rent a car Stara Zagora or their services then call them at 070019002 or check them at http://www.val-kar.com/en/.